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Claire Tralle co-teaches the Parents Forever Course, Parent Education Twin Cities, with Lisa Krause.  Lisa is a certified parenting coach and family life educator.  Parents Forever is a qualified co-parenting class if you have been court ordered by a Minnesota Court to take a co-parenting course.   The Parents Forever Course is a helpful resource to any parent going through a divorce or separation.  Even if you have not been court ordered to take a co-parenting course, Parents Forever offers information regarding finances, legal information, child development, and co-parenting.  This class is very useful if taken at the beginning of a divorce or separation, but can offer many benefits if taken months or years after the divorce or separation.  The opportunity to ask questions of knowledgeable facilitators and to connect with other parents is often very beneficial to parents.   The course is offered the second Friday of every month at Claire’s office building.  For more information or to register for the course, please visit the Parents Forever website by clicking HERE, or call 612-787-2553.

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